Here are the lists of best baby names that you have to choose for your babies can be a little tricky – we try our best to keep everybody to likes, and this includes your unborn baby who will hit those embarrassed adolescent years at some point in his or her life.

You feel affection for nature. You can use a lot of time outdoors and you are frequently stunned by the planet, so you judge giving your baby a name enthused by nature, but you’re not too sure on different names and their meanings?

So let’s show you the top 100 names should be of some help. Enjoy!

Baby names inspired by fire:

Baby names inspired by fire:

Adara (F)

Meaning: Fire

Origin: Hebrew

Aidan (M)

Meaning: Little fire

Origin: Gaelic

Azar (F)

Meaning: Scarlet

Origin: Persian

Joash (M)

Meaning: Fire of Yahweh

Origin: Hebrew

Mishal (M)

Meaning: He who holds the torch

Origin: Arabic

Nomalanga (F)

Meaning: Sunny

Origin: Zulu

Orion (M)

Meaning: Rising in the sky

Origin: Greek

Pele (F)

Meaning: Goddess of Fire

Origin: Hawaiian

Phoenix (U)

Meaning: Dark red, deep scarlet; the mythical bird who rises from the ashes

Origin: Greek

Soleil (F)

Meaning: Sun

Origin: French

Baby names inspired by water:

Baby names inspired by water:

Assana (F)

Meaning: Waterfall

Origin: Irish

Darya (F)

Meaning: The sea

Origin: Iranian

Flynt (M)

Meaning: A stream

Origin: English

Ghadir (M)

Meaning: Stream

Origin: Arabic

Halcyon (F)

Meaning: The halcyon is generally known as a mythical bird, who could calm the seas.

Origin: Greek

Kai (U)

Meaning: Ocean

Origin: Hawaiian

Lake (U)

Meaning: A body of water which runs deep.

Origin: English

Mesi (F)

Meaning: Water

Origin: Egyptian

Rain (F)

Meaning: Condensed water which falls to the earth in water droplets

Origin: Old English

Reva (F)

Meaning: Rain; River

Origin: Hebrew; Hindi

River (M)

Meaning: A large, natural stream; peace; tranquillity

Origin: Latin-English

Storm (U)

Meaning: Tempest

Origin: English

Talia (F)

Meaning: Dew of Heaven

Origin: Dew

Varsha; Varisha (F)

Meaning: Rain; monsoon

Origin: Hindu

Baby names inspired by air:

Baby names inspired by air:

Alizeh (F)

Meaning: Wind

Origin: Persian

Anani (M)

Meaning: A cloud, prophecy, divination

Origin: Hebrew

Aria (F)

Meaning: Air; Lioness

Origin: Italian; Hebrew

Azure (F)

Meaning: Sky blue

Origin: English

Guthrie (M)

Meaning: Free wind

Origin: Gaelic

Misty (F)

Meaning: Derivative of moist, foggy morning air

Origin: English

Nimbus (M)

Meaning: Rain cloud

Origin: Latin

Skye (U)

Meaning: Cloud; shelter; Isle of Skye

Origin: English; Scottish

Stella (F)

Meaning: Star

Origin: Latin

Scirocco (U)

Meaning: Warm wind

Origin: Italian; Arabic

Baby names inspired by Earth:

Baby names inspired by Earth:

Atlas (M)

Meaning: Titan who was the bearer of the heavens

Origin: Greek

Ridge (M)

Meaning: Narrow, rough segment of mountaintop

Origin: English

Slate / Slater (M)

Meaning: Metamorphic rock

Origin: English

Vale (M)

Meaning: Poetic term for ‘valley’

Origin: Latin, old French, middle English

Gaia (F)

Meaning: Earth mother

Origin: Greek

Ela (F)

Meaning: Earth

Origin: Indian

Terra (U)

Meaning: Planet earth; in Roman mythology, Terra is the goddess of the earth. It’s been alleged that Terra had four children: Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn.

Origin: Latin

Wekesa (U)

Meaning: Born during the harvest

Origin: African

Sienna (F)

Meaning: Earthy colour, reddish-orange colour; Tuscan town

Origin: Italian

Savannah (F)

Meaning: Level, tropical grassland; Open plain

Origin: Spanish; Taino (Native American)

Nirvana (F)

Meaning: Place of great bliss

Origin: Sanskrit

Eden (F)

Meaning: Place of pleasure, delight

Origin: Hebrew

Isla (F)

Meaning: Island

Origin: Spanish


Baby names inspired by trees:

Plant-life: Baby names inspired by trees:

Abungu (F)

Meaning: Of the forest

Origin: African

Aspen (F)

Meaning: Deciduous broad-leaf tree

Origin: English

Cedar (U)

Meaning: Umbrella title for trees of a certain species

Origin: English

Forest (M)

Meaning: Woodsman

Origin: French

Ilana (F)

Meaning: Oak tree

Origin: Hebrew

Hadassah (F)

Meaning: Myrtle tree

Origin: Hebrew

Juniper (U)

Meaning: Coniferous tree part of the cypress family

Origin: Latin

Linden (M)

Meaning: A tree part of the Tilia species

Origin: Old English

Oakley (M)

Meaning: Oak wood or clearing

Origin: English

Willow (F)

Meaning: Species name for over 400 deciduous trees and shrubs

Origin: English

Baby names after flowers:        

Baby names after flowers:

Many baby girls are often named after different types of flowers. There are occasions where people name their babies after flowers, but in their native languages and in accordance with their culture. Boys are seldom named after flowers.



Brier: The French variation of Heather















Mbali: Flower (Zulu)




Baby names inspired by herbs:

Baby names inspired by herbs:Baby names inspired by herbs:

Basil (M)

Meaning: Regal

Origin: Greek

Lavender (F)

Meaning: Name of the plant known to bring about a sense of tranquillity and alleviates anxiety

Origin: English

Marjoram (F)

Meaning: Name of herb and flower

Origin: Mediterranean

Rosemary (F)

Meaning: The rosemary plant; dew of the sea

Origin: Latin

Sage (U)

Meaning: Wise and knowing; Herb plant

Origin: Latin


Baby names inspired by wild creatures:

Baby names inspired by wild creatures:

Fox (M)

Foxes are known as smart, creative and cunning wild animals. Celts believed the fox would be a guide in the spirit world and it was revered for its wisdom.

Leo (M)

Meaning: Lion

Origin: Latin

Lynx (U)

Meaning: Luminescence

Origin: Latin; Greek; Old English

Melissa (F)

Meaning: Honeybee

Origin: Greek

Baby names inspired by birds:

Baby names inspired by birds:

Dove (F)

Doves are often recognised as a symbol of peace and tranquillity.

Falcon (M)

The falcon is known as a fast, agile bird. Even though its smaller in size, it is one of the many powerful birds of prey.

Hawk (M)

Hawks, who also fall into the class of birds of prey, are said to be one of the most intelligent bird species. While they are violent raptors, some tend to be quiet and gentle as well.

Lark (F)

The lark is a melodious small to medium sized bird, but it also features in mythology and literature where it is a symbol for spiritual daybreak.

Sparrow (U)

Generally sparrows are small, ‘stocky’ birds. They are often referenced in literature and religious texts. They’re social birds and don’t mind interacting with humans.

Wren (U)

This bird could be likened to that of the robin – it is also a songbird.

Precious stones:

top 100 baby names inspired by nature

Amethyst (F)

Meaning: Jewel; Purple birthstone for February

Origin: Greek

Garnet (F)

Meaning: Pomegranate; Jewel name

Origin: French

Gemma (F)

Meaning: Precious stone

Origin: Italian

Onyx (U)

Meaning: Gem name; Deep, jet black colour

Origin: Greek

Pearl (F)

Meaning: Precious; birthstone for June

Origin: Latin

Ruby (U)

Meaning: Deep red birthstone for July

Origin: Latin

Sapphire (F)

Meaning: Precious stone; Birthstone for September

Origin: Hebrew