How would you get hold of your own TFL ‘Baby on Board‘ identification to use on London’s open transport? Apart from of the name of this blog, Also, I never really had the badge when I remember that was pregnant last time. What’s more, I generally expected you simply expected to ask at a London tube or overground ticket office and they’d dish you one out… however for reasons unknown, not that case.

You really need to contact TFL and they will post out’Baby on Board’ identification for you. This is the reason the badge in my pregnancy time announces that the really belongs to my companion Nataliya, as my own only arrived a couple of days after the fact.

So here’s how you get hold of one:

  • Just Go here and fill out your details
  • Another way, you need to send an email to and include your name and address fully off details
  • And ta-da! It should turn up a few days later (mine took about three, which is pretty speedy)
  • Warning: the badge will turn up in a BRANDED ENVELOPE, so make sure it’s going to a safe address if it’s still early days and no-one knows your news yet

Although, having my own now, I still don’t believe I’d show off it – would you? Here’s what a number of London mums told me about their Baby on Board badge information last year.